What Type Of Questions Should Patients Ask During Hair Transplant?

It is always better to get your queries answered by the best hair transplant in Delhi so that you don’t have to carry out any treatment with any doubts. Here are a few questions that can be put forward to hair transplant in India:

Age: Every case is treated differently and age is a common factor that is considered before treating the patient. You must ask the doctor whether you are too young or old for hair transplant.

Hair Quantity: It depends on the surface that you want to cover and the density that you want to achieve.

Cost of the hair transplant: Cost is a major criterion for people to decide whether they want to go with the hair transplant or not. The transplant cost depends on the treatment of the patient. Certain patients’ require more than one setting and the procedure might be lengthy, hence the cost will also increase.

Hair loss medication:  Finasteride or Minoxidil are usually recommended to younger patients to prevent hair fall.  But, you can check with the doctors whether you can continue with it or not. Opt for the Hair Transplant in India. 

Future Transplants: Even after taking the treatment, if hair fall hasn’t stopped, you need to check on future transplants. The surgeon will let you know the level of hair fall you might be experiencing in future and the ways to control it. It is better to ask your surgeon about the future transplants as it isn’t easy for everyone to opt for it.

Donor hair: The surgeon will check your donor area to find out how many hairs can be transplanted. The surface that you want to cover and the density that you want will have to match with the donor hair.

Results: The FUE method will ensure that your hair look natural after the transplant.  The surgeon will use the best methods and tools to give you the perfect look.  You can ask about the grafting techniques and the method that the surgeon will be using on you.

Thus, these are a few basic questions that you must not hesitate to ask to the doctors. Once you have a thorough understanding of the treatment, you can take a call whether you want to go ahead with the treatment or not.


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