Eliminate Your Fear & Pick up Hair Transplant Today

Loss of hair is one of the biggest areas of concern in men and women of today’s world. The reason why people are troubled by this problem is it not only snatches away their smartness but also makes a negative impact on their personality. If you are suffering from the problem of hair loss, you inevitably start feeling inferior as you think that you are not presentable enough. Although you have heard about hair transplant a lot in your daily life, you don’t go for it as it is enveloped with myth. So you finally find yourself frustrated as you find no solution to this problem.

Although you might hesitate to choose hair transplant, in reality, it is truly the best way to get rid o the problem of hair loss forever. Breaking the general myths about hair transplant definite make you feel free to embrace it and thus this article is dedicated to do so.

hair transplant surgery

  • Myth 1: The transplanted hair does not last long – Many people think that after undertaking hair transplantation the transplanted hair will not last long and they will continue to get tormented by the problem again. But this is absolutely a fake idea. With latest techniques like expanding needle concept and use of facial hair as an additional donor the hair that will be transplanted will only keep on growing. You with see that within 3-8 months after the surgery, the transplanted roots have started to sprout hair and in a year’s time you will have dense and thick hair which you must have been craving for a long time.
  • Myth 2: The surgery is very painful – Gone are those days when hair transplant involved extreme pain. The scenario o hair transplant surgery is rapidly changing all over the globe and India is also not lagging behind in this context. If you go for hair transplant in Delhi you will see that older methods like scalp reduction and flap transfer are now completely out of use. They are replaced by ultra-refined follicular unit hair transplants which are carried out by applying local anaesthetics and so there is no scope for you to experience any pain.

Myth 3: The surgery is very costly- Many of you also don’t opt for hair transplant as you believe that it is a very costly surgery. This again is also a misconception. The low cost of hair transplant in Delhi along with its effectiveness is now attraction not only Indians but also foreigners.


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