Understanding Baldness and Hair Loss Treatments

Baldness and hair loss are two different things. When there’s hair loss you will merely be concerned that there is some problem with your hair and your health. But when there’s baldness, it would mean that the patches on the head that will lose the hair almost completely. Baldness might happen in women but it is mote common in men. Many people opt for home remedies for hair loss. But if there is problem with your internal health or may be your body lacks nourishment then that should be treated first. Baldness might be genetic or hereditary in nature.

But thankfully there are solutions for the same. So, here are some of the treatments that you may opt for based on the kind of baldness you have. So, you must have basic understanding about baldness and when you have that half of the problem is solved just like that. If you are located in Gurgaon then look out for the leading hair loss treatment in Gurgaon at the best clinic. But before that you must develop some understanding about the treatment.


What are the types of hair loss?

  • Androgenetic alopecia: This problem mainly means the M shaped hairline or the male pattern baldness. This can be due to the compounds released as by product of testosterone. This leads to hair thinning and then hair loss. In women too this happens with the age.
  • Chemotherapy induced hair loss: If the patient faces chemotherapy due to cancer then there will be hair loss.
  • Telogen Effluvium: This is the kind of hair loss where there is too much of hair loss. But this often happens as the temporary basis and soon there will be hair growth too.
  • Some drugs: Some medications might cause hair loss in people.
  • Autoimmune problem: Sometimes, hair loss might be due to the autoimmune problem called alopecia aerate.

So, all you must do is take help of best Hair Doctor in Gurgaon. When you do this you will actually get a perfect solution. Your hair doctor will be the best person to guide you as to what’s right for you and what’s not. In most of the cases, hair loss can be treated with medications or if needed the doctor may suggest hair transplant or re-growth therapies. You should sit and talk with the doctor about costs and all.


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