The Right Way to Use Onion Juice to Prevent hair Loss

In today’s world where being presentable give you a significant lead in the race to succeed, you surely feel out of the place when you suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is such problems that can make you feel that you are losing out on confident and thus can frustrate you from the core as you start to think that your smartness is being snatched away. In such a scenario, you are bound to feel inferior in comparison to others around various circles around you. In the bid to protect yourself such sufferings, you prepare yourself to spend loads of time and money. Indeed the scenario of hair transplant in India is at par with th e world in the context of usage of highly advanced technologies, but there can be a very simple solution to it.


For ages hair loss solution in India is dependent upon homemade remedies which are completely natural and thus can yield the best of results. Such a remedy is the use of onion juice. What makes onions perfect to prevent hair loss is their high sulphur content. Sulphur increases the production of collagen in the tissues which finally increase the rate of hair re-growth.

Latest researches about the utility of onion juice in prevention of hair loss have also shown that onion juice helps with alopecia areata. Being an auto-immune disease, alopecia areata attacks hair follicles which lead to spot baldness. Onion juice is a scientifically proven remedy to once again trigger hair growth in the spots where hair has fallen off.

To derive full utility from juice in the context of hair fallen prevention, you just need to extract the juice of few onion slices either by mashing or grating. Then you need to apply this juice on your scalp and allow it to work. After 10-15 you can rinse it off and you will yourself witness the magic.

If you are holding yourself back from using this age old technique to get rid of hair fall problems but you are afraid that its strong smell will last long, then here is the easiest way to tackle this. You can neutralise this smell with the usage of a mild shampoo.

After from its effectiveness, this therapy does not involve spending of any money. You buy onions every day for consumption. Pick up one of them and use it on your scalp to experience its miraculous result.


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