Stages of Male Pattern Baldness & Symptoms

Often people don’t know what the reason for baldness is. But they just brood that they are losing their hair. In men there are many reasons that can lead to hair loss. Often when men would reach the stage where they are around 35-40 years of age, hair thinning might start. Slowly they will start losing hair. This is something that will make them bald. Thus, you must know the exact stage when baldness might capture. You should meet the best doctor and see Male Pattern Baldness treatment in Faridabad. This is because; with this you will be in the position to get the right answer.

Stages and Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness:


  • Male pattern baldness starts with hair thinning. Soon you will see that there will be hair fall. After that there will be more hair fall and slowly there will be bald patches. There can be many reasons for this. In men prostate gland enlargement can also lead to hair fall. So, if you feel that there is problem in urination then you can talk to the urologist for the same and find out the exact cause.
  • If you have too much of stress in life or if you have high blood pressure and you are taking some medications then that might also be major cause of male pattern baldness.
  • If you have been taking anabolic steroids then this can also be leading reasons for hair loss in men. When there is by product released with testosterone then this can also be the cause of hair loss.
  • Hair loss can be hereditary and it can be passed from mother to son, father to son, mother to daughter or father to daughter. But for this you can’t do anything.

Thus, when you feel that you are having problem of hair loss and baldness you must seek hair loss solution in India. The hair loss expert you select should have good reputation and he should have treated many cases of hair loss. The treatment should start with hair loss medications. After that when things don’t work out then there should be other advanced solutions like hair restoration and hair transplant.

You must get in touch with the doctor and ask him about all the doubts that you have.


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