What Are The Factors Determining Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant is a good way to improve your appearance and to regain your confidence. If you are thinking of opting for a hair transplant then this article is just for you. To keep your budget happy as well as to get a best hair transplant in Dehradun done you need to know a few things about the cost of this treatment. Here are five factors which determine the hair transplant cost in Dehradun.


  • Extent Of Hair Loss

The cost for two people is not the same. The extent of your hair loss will determine the cost of your surgery. If you fall under the Norwood Class 2-3 then you will need about 500 to 1800 grafts but you will need about 4000 grafts if you belong to the Norwood Class 4-6. You have pay according to the number of grafts.

  • Hair Characteristics

Your hair characteristics play a very vital role in determining the cost of the treatment. If your hair is wavy and curly, you will require less number of grafts to cover the bald area. But if your hair is very straight and thin then the number of grafts required will be more. You have to pay as per the number of grafts so the cost of the treatment depends on your color contrast, hair texture and ethnicity.

  • Types Of Hair Restoration Techniques

There are two vital techniques namely strip harvesting and FUE. FUE is much more expensive as compared to the other treatment as it requires more time and energy.

  • Availability Of Donor Follicles

One very important factor which determines the cost of this treatment is the number of the hair follicles which are available in the donor site.  If the number of donors is more, then a cost effective treatment is possible and vice versa. So, this factor plays a huge role in determining the cost of the hair transplant.

  • Surgeon Reputation And Experience

If your surgeon is very reputed and has performed plenty of successful surgeries then he will surely charge more from you.  The cost of this treatment depends on the experience of the surgeon. But is it always good to opt for an experienced surgeon so you are much safer but you will have to spend much more than usual.

So, now that you know the factors determining the cost, you can consult a surgeon and opt for the suitable treatment.


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