Amla- Best Solution for Hair Loss

Are you tired of finding your hair strands on your pillow and towel? Hair loss is seen in most of the people and is becoming even more common with each passing day. Stress, tension, weather, pollution are some of the reasons behind hair loss. Hair fall can affect your self esteem and stop you from socializing too. But now you can throw all your worries away as here is the best solution to the problem of hair loss and you will be pleased to know that it is there in your very own kitchen. Apart from seeking the best hair loss solution in Gurgaon, you can opt for Amla.

Amla is the best solution to hair fall. Most of the hair products include amla as their main ingredient. Here are some ways in which you can use it to make your hair stronger. Hair transplant in India is a very popular procedure. You can opt for it!

amala for hair loss


Take one fresh amla and squeeze all the juice from it.  Now apply this amla juice on your scalp and then with the help of your fingertips, massage gently. Do not wash for an hour. Make use of a mild herbal shampoo when you wash your hair. This tonic when used regularly can strengthen your hair and curb your hair fall.


Hair wash can be made from dried as well as fresh amla. Cut the amla in thin pieces and let it bowl. Strain all the liquid for about an hour. If you have dried amla then all you need to do is soak it in water for an entire night and then once you wake up, strain all the liquid. Make use of this hair wash for getting rid of hair loss.


All you need is equal amounts of shikakai powder and amla powder. Put them in a container and pour some water in it. Now turn it a nice paste by blending. Cover all your hair with this paste and wait for about half an hour. Using cold water, wash your hair and you will notice less hair loss.


Take lot of amla and cut it into tiny pieces. Let the amla dry for about four days, keep it in shade. Now all you need is coconut oil. Bring the oil to boil and then add the amla to it. When you have a dark liquid, stop cooking. Now massage your hair and scalp with it.


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