5 Queries You Must Be Clear Before Going For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair loss has become a common issue both in men and women. Those who want to get rid of their hair loss problem and looking for solution for baldness problem can choose hair transplant surgery. Here are 5 queries which patients must be clear before going for hair transplant surgery. Eugenix, being among the best hair transplant specialists in Dehradun, give excellent results.

How Does A Hair Transplant Work?

In the hair transplantation procedure, healthy hair from the back of the head is pulled off and replaced in the areas where there is a huge hair loss.  At Eugenix, you will get effective hair fall treatment in Delhi.


Are You A Suitable Candidate To Get A Hair Transplant At 18 Years Of Age?

  • Without knowing the cause of the hair loss it is difficult to say whether you are eligible to undergo a hair transplant surgery or not.
  • Those who are looking for hair treatment for the first time might not require a hair transplant in the initial consultation because some might get the hair they want with some simple techniques performed by a professional surgeon.
  • Hair transplant might not be suitable for everyone because he or she should have stable supply of donor hair which helps to hide the current hair loss areas and prevent further hair loss.
  • To do this doctors will check the medical history and will prescribe medications according to the health condition of the patient.

Can Women Undergo This Hair Transplant Surgery?

Yes, women are also eligible to go for this hair transplant surgery. However, it is better to consult the best surgeon in your area before taking any final decision and trying any hair transplant treatment.

How Your Head Looks Like After Having Hair Transplant Surgery?

Even an experienced hair stylist will not be able to recognize that you had this hair transplant surgery and give a natural look because of advanced techniques used in the hair transplant.

How Long A Surgeon Will Perform This Hair Transplant Procedure?

  • The duration of the procedure depends upon the technique the surgeon uses to prevent further hair loss.
  • FUT procedure takes around 4 to 12 hours of time period depending upon the patient and the surgeon.
  • FUE time duration is around 10 hours and varies depending upon the patient.

What Preparation You Need To Do Before Undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • Make sure you are aware of all the options available in the market before you choose any method for hair loss treatment.
  • Take an appointment, visit the clinic and speak with the doctor who provides answers to all your questions and gives details about the options available because it keeps you on a safe side and helps you to choose the right treatment that suits to your needs.

Is Aftercare Necessary After A Hair Transplant Surgery?

Yes. Of course after care tips are necessary to yield good results after the hair transplant surgery because it helps to restore hair quickly within a short period without any difficulty.

Are There Any Side Effects With The Hair Transplant Surgery?

Some patients might suffer from bleeding, scars, swelling and itching issues after a hair transplant surgery.


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