How To Find Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

EugenixHair loss has become a major concern among men and women. It can be bring stress and anxiety to your life. Because hair loss is affecting your looks and making you bald. Everyone is looking for solution for hair loss to get rid of it. There are many hair transplant centers in India. Eugenix speciality centre is one of the best and well known for hair transplant in Delhi NCR. It is advanced in all the aspects and producing the best results till now. The centre is equipped with highly advanced and latest technologies or hair transplant surgery. It does not only deal with hair transplant surgery, but also provides treatment for hair loss and baldness problem. If you are looking for best and low cost hair transplant in Noida, then you must visit Eugenix specialty centre. All the treatments and surgeries are done at very affordable costs.

Hair transplant:

Hair transplant is the process of restoring hair by planting new follicles into balding areas. Hair is transplanted from one part of your scalp to another. There are different techniques to extract hair follicles from the head. At Eugenix, we provide hair transplant through revolutionary DHT (Direct Hair Transplant. You may have to consult a dermatologist for best opinion.

About Surgeon:

Dr. Arika Bansal, is one the dermatologist in Eugenix specialty centre, specialized in all kinds of procedures, treatments and hair transplant.

Dr. Pradeep Sethi, is also dermatologist in Eugenix specialty centre, specialized in hair restoration.

Eugenix centre provides advanced treatment for all type of hair problems in both men and women, and other treatments for hair loss problems.

There have been great changes in the hair restoration field over the last few years. We have maintained our duty to excellence by including the latest hair transplant techniques. We provide the extreme level of care to our patients by providing a friendly and caring atmosphere. The Clinic is well equipped with everything to make your stay comfortable. There are separate operation theatres for hair transplant surgery, to minimize the risk of infection.

Operating rooms are equipped with the latest equipments, to ensure your health, comfort and best hair transplant possible. Our prices are significantly lower as compared to the others. All the treatments and consultations are done by our experienced staff. We make sure that our highly qualified and experienced surgeons are completing every step to get best results.


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