Things You Must Follow After Hair Transplant

hair transplant in bhubaneswar

In order to deal with hair loss problem, you may need to undergo a hair transplant surgery. There are many temporary solutions for hair loss problem. But the best and permanent solution for hair loss problem is hair transplant. Once you had your hair transplant surgery,  there are important tips that you will need to follow.

The better you take care of your head, the results will be better. Following these tips will help you minimize the risk of complications and to speed up recovery from the surgery and will reduce the risk of newly plnated follicles on your head. Eugenix speciality centre, which is well known for best hair transplant in India, will ensure that you get important tips for hair transplant surgery.

 Important tips for hair transplant:

 The immediate tips you need to follow after hair transplant surgery are as follow:

Avoid physical activity

Avoid doing physical activities that make you sweat for few days, because sweat will   increase risk of infection. Do not walk under direct sunlight, as the rays coming from sun may affect your scar.

Do not smoke and do not consume alcohol

Alcohol and smoking will interfere the healing process, so try to avoid these things for few days. You will be using antibiotics, alcohol and smoking can interfere with antibiotics.

Take proper rest

You should not engage any strenuous activities for the first two weeks after surgery. You will feel some numbness on your scalp after the surgery, so it will need proper rest. You will need to sleep on two or more pillows to maintain elevation while sleeping.

Do not wash your hair immediately

Once you have undergone a hair transplant, there will be certain amount of scaring. So, try to avoid washing of hairs.

Be patient for hair regrowth

Hair transplant surgery do work but it takes few months before you really start to see the results. All you need to do is to be patient. If you sit tight and will follow all the guidelines carefully, the results will come for sure.

All the tips mentioned above are very important tips to be followed after the hair transplant surgery. These will help you to get the best results. To get more information about hair loss treatment or hair transplant, you can visit Eugenix Skin and Hair Sciences. Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi are two hair transplant specialists in Dehi NCR, who will clear all your queries and doubts about hair transplant.


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