Average Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery in India

hair transplant in India

The cost of hair transplant, even if we can have an approximation, however it varies due to a number of reasons.

The cost of hair Transplant in India depends on the technology used for hair transplant, number of grafts etc. The package includes all benefits. However, when you go for hair transplant, you need to consider or to have a clear idea about following factors:

The size and several follicular units:

Amount of follicular units required for your treatment can be determined by the concerned surgeon only.

  • The percentage of hair thinning and balding:

This means to scrutinize the seriousness of the problem. For this, you can refer a dermatologist or a specialized hair surgeon. They can exactly diagnose and guide you about your current condition and about how much your hair transplant might cost to you.

  • Density Desire:

The hair density that you are in search for can directly affect the cost of hair transplant. If you need good volume and long hair, then obviously cost can go up. If it is reverse, then you just have to pay the base price.

Along with the above factors, others include the technique, the skill level of doctor, other requirements of patient, geographical region and facilities available there surgery is done.

The charge rate is dependent basically on any of the following:

  • Per sliding scale
  • Per Session
  • Per Graft

The cost also depends on number of sessions required for completion of treatment.

If you do not get desired result at the first session, then you might need to undergo for more restoration sessions. Generally, those patients who have thinner hair need more sessions. The cost can vary depending on the following factors.

  • The area of scalp treated
  • The thickness and number of grafts
  • The amount of available donor hair
  • Rate of hair loss determined by tests.

Cost Break up:

Let us have a look at the breakup of the cost treatments:

Initial Consultation Stage:

This is very crucial stage, as it entails treatment procedure afterwards. Many surgeons take help of computer analysis to understand the status of the patient’s hair loss. Within this cost, you are eligible for a medical check-up.

Medical treatment:

We have already mentioned the approximate amount of hair transplant cost in Delhi.

If you are supposed to have hair transplant procedure in Delhi, just have a single visit to Eugenix Hair Clinic and get a complete guidance.


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