How Hair Straightening causes Hair Loss

hair loss treatment in DelhiHair straightening among boys and girls is very common in fashion these days. Everyone is going after it without even knowing the suffering caused by the heat. Those who have natural straight hairs, they want them curled, and those who have curly hairs, they want them straight. Hair straightening is a temporary process, so it is done frequently. But does anyone even know that straightening hairs also leads to hair loss. When hair is straightened, heat coming out from it causes damage to your hairs. If you are currently staying in Delhi or nearby, and worried about hair loss, then you must visit Eugenix speciality centre which have best hair loss treatment in Delhi.

Now let’s discuss it in brief how straightening causes hair loss. 

How straightening cause hair loss?

When hair is straightened, the heat coming out of it causes damage to your hairs. It makes them weak. As it is a temporary process, so most of the people do it oftentimes. Straightening makes your hair weak and prone to breakage. When you straighten your hair at home, you don’t get the results. So, most of the people do over processing causing damage to their hairs.

Advantages of straightening

  • It makes you look better.
  • It gives you smooth and silky hairs temporarily.
  • When you wash your hairs, you can get your normal hairs back 

Disadvantages of straightening

It is true that straightening makes you look better, but it has more disadvantages as well.

  • Your hairs fall out when you straighten them.
  • Doing it too much repeatedly damage your hairs and causes excessive dryness.
  • Doing it frequently can give you allergies like redness of scalp, itching
  • Severe hair fall
  • Makes your hair brittle
  • Delicate hairs burn out completely

Hair Straightening

How to prevent it

Well, if you are doing it for first time, then only way to prevent it is to choose the right parlor to get it done. They will identify your scalp/hair type, and will use proper preventive measures without damaging your hairs.

If you are facing severe hair falling problem, then you must consult a dermatologist for hair loss treatment. Eugenix Hair Sciences is a speciality centre for hair loss treatment in Delhi. They have one of the best hair doctors in Delhi. If you have any queries regarding hair loss, you can contact Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi.


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