Top 10 Side Effects of Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a process in which a trichologist moves hair to a bald area of the head. The hair is taken from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head. The process of hair transplants is generally done in a medical office under local anesthesia. According to the Eugenix Clinic, genetics are the major cause of alopecia (baldness). The remaining cases are due to a variety of factors, including diet, stress, illness, and medications.

If you are the one who is dealing with hair loss issues then hair transplant surgery can be the only solution to get your self confidence. Before going for hair transplant people generally search for best hair transplant in India and best hair transplant surgeons in India. They often rush go for hair transplant without considering their side effects.

Here are 10 side effects of hair transplant just make a read:

If you had hair transplant surgery you may find that the hair you already had is actually getting thinner. Generally, the thickness comes back within a few months after surgery.

Bleeding is one of the side effects of hair transplant surgery. In few cases, the bleeding does not stop so you can visit the surgeon to do some extra stitching to close the wounds.

You may find very little pain after the actual hair transplant surgery.

It is common thing that itching occurs on areas affected by hair transplant surgery. So, you need to wash your hair every day will helps with this problem to diminish.

You can experience swelling in the forehead and around the eyes after a hair transplant. This lasts for only a few days.

Numbness is another common side effect of hair transplant surgery. Mostly patients suffer from numbness for several weeks after the surgery.

You may find infections after a hair transplant surgery.

You may find cysts in the areas where hair is being transplanted. They last for few weeks and later

So, if you find any of these side effects after a hair transplant than you need not to worry. You can visit your hair transplant specialist and get solution to these minor problems arising out of hair transplant. If you are also planning to get a hair transplant than you must visit Eugenix as it has best hair transplant surgeons in India.  If you need to consult best hair doctor in Delhi then click here hair Transplant in Delhi


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